Welcome to my blog

Hey there! I’m Suzie and I am a twenty-something creative type from Melbourne, Australia. My newly wedded husband often refers to me as a ‘Crochet Queen’ due to the sheer amount of time (and money) I spend on different crochet projects. Here are some facts about me:

When did I learn to crochet?
I learned to crochet just a few years ago in 2016. I was going through my old belongings when I found a knitted blanket my mother had made me when I was a baby. With her blanket in my hands I realised that I wanted to be able to make my future children a blanket just as she had done for me. I tried to knit, but quickly learnt it was not my forte and changed to crochet.

How did I learn?
As a millennial, I learnt to crochet from YouTube and online tutorials. I also joined a real-world charity group that made blankets to donate to the children’s ward at the local hospital.

Do I knit?
If I am the queen of crochet then I am the court’s jester of knitting! I can knit stitch and sometimes purl however it’s pretty inconsistent and I am up the creek without a paddle if I drop a stitch. Maybe one day…..but not any day soon!

Why did I start this blog?
I started this blog as a platform to share my ideas and creations with fellow crafters. I wanted a place to post my own patterns as well as designs I have tried, tested & loved. The blog also serves as a type of journal that I can share with the world, and an avenue to connect with you. I hope you enjoy my content!

Happy creating
Suzie x